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Corner Rounders, Paper Drills, Drill Bits, and Scoring Machines

From floor size to desktop, ALPS has the paper scoring machines you desire to produce what is needed for your various projects. These paper drilling machines make it easy to create professional results. Browse our paper scorer machines, corner rounders, and drill bit sets below.

Corner Cutters - Desktop
Lassco Corner Cutters - Desktop
Corner Cutters - Floor Models
Lassco Corner Cutters - Floor Models
Blades & Dies for 1
Lassco Blades & Dies for 1" Capacity Corner Cutter
Cutting Units and Accessories For Model 60
Lassco Cutting Units and Accessories For Model 60
DRILLS - Bench Models
Lassco Wizer Paper DRILLS - Bench Models
DRILLS - Floor Models
Lassco Wizer Paper DRILLS - Floor Models
LasscoJog®  Joggers
LasscoJog® Joggers
Numbering, Perforation, Scoring & Accessories
Lassco Scoring & Perf II
Style A 2
Paper Drill Bits Style A 2" - Lassco "Sprinnit" / Challenge
Style A 2.5
Style A 2.5" - Challenge
Style B 2
Style B 2" - Lawson
Style C 2
Style C 2" - Nygren Dahly
Style H 2.5
Style H 2.5" - Lassco "Spinnit" HL-3
Style J 1
Style J 1" - Martin Yale / Lihit
Style K 2
Style K 2" - Martin Yale / Lihit
Style L 1
Style L 1" - Lassco
Drill Sharpeners
Drill Sharpeners

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