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Laminating Pouches

Laminating Pouch


Laminating Pouches or Laminating Chips or Laminating Sleeves are two pieces of plastic that have been sealed on one side and are open on three sides. To use a LAMINATE POUCH, you insert the document to be laminated into the pouch and run it thru a Pouch Laminator. A LAMINATING POUCH is two pieces of plastic that is coated with a heat activated adhesive. The adhesive makes up part of the mil thickness and the plastic makes up the other part of the mil thickness. The standard compositions of these pouches are 1-2 for 3.0 mil., 2/3 or 3/2 for 5.0 mil. 5/2 or 4/3 for 7.0 mil. And 4/6 or 7/3--‐ for 10 mil. The 3/2 and 7/3 composition pouches are better quality than the 2/3 and the 4/6 composition pouches. The reason is because A 3/2 and A 7/3 Laminate Pouch has more plastic and less glue. The first digit of the composition represents the plastic and the second digit represents the glue. The POUCH LAMINATOR permanently melts the plastic into the paper. We carry a wide selection of laminator supplies, including custom laminated pouches available from card size up to 37”X49”. Our laminate pouches come in four standard gauges or mils. The gauges are is 3.0 per side = 6 mil., 5.0 per side=10 mil.,7.0 per side= 14 mil. And 10 per side= 20 mil. The mils or gauge represents the thickness per side of the pouch. A pouch that is a 5.0 mil Pouch has a total thickness of 10 mils. Our laminate pouches can be manufactured to a custom size or shape.
We manufacture our custom Laminating Pouches with only AMERICAN films and labor. Browse our full selection of laminating supplies for sale.

Made in Lonoke,Arkansas USA
Call to get a quote for A custom made LAMINATE POUCH  800-445-ALPS (2577)
Minimum quantity for a custom sized LAMINATING POUCH is 500 pieces.

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