Automatic Foil-Tech

Therm-O-Type Automatic Foil-Tech

Price: $10,800.00
To operate the Automatic Foil-Tech, paper is first loaded into the feeder. Sheets up to 14 1/2" wide by up to two feet long can be run through the foiling machine. A foil roll, up to 2,000' long, is mounted in the machine, with foil unwind and rewind tension controlled through adjustable clutches. Once the Foil-Tech has reached the adjustable set point fusing temperature, the paper feed is activated. As paper is fed into the machine, a sensor automatically activates the impression mechanism. When running 11" long letterhead stock portrait through the machine, up to 1,500 sheets per hour can be produced. Fused sheets are delivered into a receiving tray and used foil is rewound for disposal. When feeding has been completed, the Foil-Tech will automatically drop off impression. Fusing quality on various papers is controlled using both temperature and speed (dwell) controls. If a foil jam should occur, a sensor and interlock will automatically drop the foiling machine off impression and stop the drive.