Manual Foil-Tech

Therm-O-Type Manual Foil-Tech

Price: $9,800.00
THERM-O-TYPE Manual Foil-Tech. Foil fusers provide a new standard of foil fusing equipment performance. Using Foil-Tech foil fuser equipment, customers can now utilize foil fusing technology to efficiently produce a wide range of high value products. To operate the Manual Foil-Tech, paper is first loaded into the feeder. Sheets up to 14 1/2" wide by up to two feet long can be run through the machine. A foil roll, up to 4 1/2" in diameter, is mounted in the machine, with foil unwind and rewind tension controlled through adjustable clutches. Once the Foil-Tech has reached the adjustable set point fusing temperature, the paper feed is activated. As paper is fed into the machine, the operator activates the impression mechanism. When running 11" long letterhead stock portrait through the machine, up to 1,500 sheets per hour can be produced. Fused sheets are delivered into a receiving tray and used foil is rewound for disposal. When feeding has been completed, the operator disengages the impression mechanism. Fusing quality on various papers is controlled using both temperature and speed (dwell) controls. If a foil jam should occur, a sensor and interlock will automatically drop the machine off impression and stop the drive. A second foil support and rewind shaft can be added to the top of the Foil-Tech as an option. Using this option, two rolls of foil can be fused to the top surface of the sheet in a single pass. Browse all our foil fuser equipment today!